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Moisture Separator

Moisture Separator Series

Multiport Ball valves are basically used to connect more than two lines. Line selection can be done based on different positions.


Moisture Separator – Screwed Ends

A Moisture Separator with Screwed Ends is industrial equipment that removes moisture from compressed air or gas systems. It has a metal housing with an inlet, baffles, and meshes that separate moisture from the gas or air, collecting it at the bottom and draining it out through a screw connection. The separator is easy to install and remove, making it suitable for compressed air and gas systems with limited space. It’s commonly used in various industries, including automotive and manufacturing, to ensure the quality and efficiency of compressed air or gas systems.


MS Body Metal Lip Drain Bowl

An MS Body Metal Lip Drain Bowl is a component of an industrial filtration system made of mild steel. It features a metal lip drain bowl that collects contaminants and moisture from compressed air or gas. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning, and the MS body is durable and corrosion-resistant. The lip drain bowl ensures the efficiency of compressed air or gas systems by removing contaminants and moisture.

MS-body-Metal-Lip-Drain-Bowl (1)

MS Body Moisture Separator- Flanged Ends

An MS Body Moisture Separator with Flanged Ends is an industrial filtration equipment used to remove moisture and contaminants from compressed air or gas systems. It is typically made of mild steel and features a flanged end design that facilitates easy installation and maintenance. The separator uses a series of baffles and meshes to separate moisture and contaminants from the air or gas. The separated moisture and contaminants collect at the bottom of the separator and are drained out through a connection. The MS body construction provides durability and resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for use in various industrial applications. Moisture separators with flanged ends are commonly used in industries like automotive and manufacturing to ensure the quality and efficiency of compressed air or gas systems.

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