P.P Three Piece Ball Valve

Manufacturers of valves in Gujarat create P.P Three Piece Ball Valves, which are used in a variety of applications and are sold all over the world. They have a flawless finish that makes them incredibly strong and long-lasting. P.P Three Piece Ball Valves can be efficiently optimised in underdeveloped nations to hasten project completion across a range of platforms and sectors.

Specifications on the model, style, and sizes offered:

The product is offered in a three-piece design that is excellent for user needs and extremely suitable. The design is TSO 17292, and the model is NVAL/PBLVS28. The product’s M.O.C., or mind original condition, is P.P. Screwed Ends are the item’s end connection, and it has PN10 ratings. To meet the needs of every consumer, the product is available in a range of sizes, from 15mm to 100mm. As a result, it is incredibly versatile and simple to use.


To put it another way, the product is reasonable, practical, and best suited to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Model – NEIL/PBLVS28
Type – Three Piece
Design – TSO 17292
M.O.C – P.P
End-Connection – Screwed End
Ratings – PN10
Size – 15mm to 100mm


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