Forged Piston Lift Type Check Valve

On the worldwide market, forged piston lift type check valves are available; they are made by valve producers in Gujarat. Because of their immaculate polish, they are exceptionally long-lasting and resilient. The Forged Piston Lift Type Check Valves can be successfully optimised by developing countries to boost task completion across a variety of platforms and sectors.

Specifications on the model, style, and sizes offered:

The lift type design of the product is both highly appropriate and well-suited to the user’s needs. The design is BS 1868, and the model is NVAL/FLCVS19. The piece has a M.O.C. of A105/F304/F316/F11/F22, which stands for Mind Original Condition. The end connection of the item is SCREWED OR SOCKET WELD and has ratings of800#, 150#, and 2500# respectively. The product is offered in a range of sizes, from 15mm to 50mm, to meet the requirements of every user in the best possible way. It is therefore very adaptable and simple to use.


The product is easy to use, has a very simple design and is highly durable as well.

Model – NEIL/FLCVS19
Type – Lift Type
Design – BS 1868
M.O.C – A105/F304/F316/F11/F22
End-Connection – Screwed or Socket weld
Ratings – 800#, 150#,2500#
Size – 15mm to 50mm


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