Disc Check Valve

Disc Check Valves are constructed of the highest quality materials by SS Ball Valve Manufacturers, one of the leading Valve Manufacturers. The Forged Ball Valve has a superb finish that makes it exceptionally durable over time and can be used in numerous industries across the world. Additionally, practically all platforms in the developing world can benefit from the efficient use of the Disc Check Valve to make performing jobs easier.

Specifications on the model, style, and sizes offered:

The device is offered in a three-piece style that effectively meets the needs of the user. The design is EN558 and the model is NVAL/DCV12. The product’s Mind Original Condition, also known as M.O.C., is CF8/CF8M. The item’s end connection is a Wafer to Suit 150# that stands with the Pn10, Pn16, Pn20, and Pn40 ratings.

The product comes in a variety of sizes from 15mm to 200mm to meet the needs of the user. This makes it very flexible and straightforward.

Model – NEIL/DCV12
Type – Disk Type
Design – EN558
M.O.C – CF8/ CF8M
End-Connection – Wafer to Suits 150#
Ratings – Pn10, Pn16, Pn20, Pn40
Size – 15mm to 200mm


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