3-4 Way Ball Valve Flanged Ends

The 3-4 Way Ball Valve – Flanged Ends produced by SSBall Valves Manufacturers are employed in a variety of industries across the globe and can be efficiently and successfully used to enhance task completion in nearly all platforms in the industrialized regions of the globe, in particular in the food, beverage, water, and chemical sectors.


Details about the model, design, and sizes available:


The product is available in a single piece or three pieces, whichever suits the requirements of the user in the best possible way. The Model is NVAL/BLVTF06 and the design is ISO 17292/API 6D. The mind original condition or the M.O.C of the product is WCB/CF8/CF8M. The end connection of the item is flanged to 150# and it stands with the rating of 150#.

The product comes in a variety of sizes from 15mm to 200mm to meet the needs of the user. It is more flexible and simpler to use as a result.


Conclusion :


As a whole, the product is reasonable, user-friendly, and helps to make application and usage simple.

Model – NEIL/BLVTF06
Type – 3 Piece
Design – ISO 17292/API 6D
End-Connection – Flanged to 150#
Ratings – 150#
Size – 15mm to 200mm


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