Industries we serve with tough industrial application and a steady growth


Our experts, with vast know-how of different chemical plant processes and challenges, work closely with you to choose and dimension the right valve for each specific use. And our wide offering of valves ranges from standard to application-specific technologies, ensuring the ideal solution for your particular needs.


Pharmaceutical production valves are designed to meet the highest hygienic requirements and to provide ideal solutions for your pharmaceutical processes. Thanks to our advanced design, our valves are characterized by easy handling and maintenance. We ensure the efficiency and safety of your process.


Accuracy, reliability and repeatability are always essential when printing on different materials. With our valves, we offer you customer-specific solutions for applications in the textile industry.


Nalisha Engineering provides robust solutions for the automotive industry that improve system reliability and reduce total system costs. Nalisha Engineering is familiar and well-received among engineering and plant personnel. Nalisha has equipped valves for machines in all the various phases of vehicle production.


Valves for the dairy industry are designed to meet the highest hygienic requirements of dairy processing. The sanitary and cost-effective design of the stainless steel valves used in dairy production makes them particularly suitable for the main processes of the dairy industry. Sanitary dairy valves can be used in almost all hygienic process installations. Nalisha’s valves for dairy production are characterized by easy handling and maintenance.


Nalisha engineering provides valves that offer reinventing of profitable and sustainable success with smooth operations. Through progressive thinking, creative design and solid manufacturing expertise, we are helping drive increasingly intelligent processes towards improved efficiency, reliability and environmental performance.

Machine Manufacturing

We provide valves that are highly versatile and suitable for use in a vast range of manufacturing and industrial applications. In addition, we offer the highest level of quality performance and smooth operations.


With a creative, solutions-minded valve partner, you can make manufacturing and the handling of production more sustainable and quieter. Reliable, industry-proven valves protect infrastructure investments from shutdown, safeguard neighbourhoods and help avoid any legal or reputational risks of unsafe applications control.


Nalisha is an established and trusted name in cement industries around the world. We offer a wide range of valve solutions to slurry, utility and severe service applications.